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What We Do

OhKims Blockchain Center is the first Blockchain Company Builder in Korea which aims to be the networking hub among the blockchain community.

• We cultivate blockchain expertise via collaboration with various blockchain companies and investors.
• Provides co-working spaces to prominent blockchain projects.
• Support the projects by providing academic seminars and networking opportunities with other blockchain teams.

Attorneys at Law, Patent Attorney and CPA of OhKims Law & Company with other financial experts,
investment examiners offers real-time advisory services.

• ICO/STO strategy
• Incorporation in Korea
• Bank account for startups
• Foreign investment, Securities Law compliance
• Establishment of business model

OhKims Blockchain Center intends to support growth and development of blockchain companies by offering
appropriate business development models especially on the horizon of ICO and STO investments.


Chief Advisor|OhKims Blockchain Team

Ohoon KWON Attorney at Law

Managing Partner l OhKims Blockchain Team

Seongheon OH Attorney at Law

Managing Partner|OhKims Blockchain Team

Yongbeom KIM Attorney at Law

Partner|OhKims Blockchain Team

Byungseok KIM Attorney at LawㅣCPA

Partner|OhKims Blockchain Team

Joonwoo KANG Attorney at Law

Partner|OhKims Blockchain Team

Taeseob UmAttorney at Law

Partner|OhKims Blockchain Team

Chaeseung LEE Attorney at Law

Partner|OhKims Blockchain Team

Hyunsoo KIM Attorney at Law

Partner|OhKims Blockchain Team

Inhyuk SONG Attorney at Law


OhKims Blockchain Team

Seokyoung HAN Attorney at Law

OhKims Blockchain Team

Bohyun KWON PartnerㅣAdvisor

OhKims Blockchain Team

Dahee PARK Investment Advisor

OhKims Blockchain Team

Hyundong SONG Attorney at Law

OhKims Blockchain Team

Jeonghyun LEE Attorney at Law

OhKims Blockchain Team

Jihyun WOO Attorney at Law

OhKims Blockchain Team

Jiwon KIM Attorney at Law

OhKims Blockchain Team

Sujung KIM Attorney at Law

OhKims Blockchain Team

Jeongsub KIM Patent Attorney

OhKims Blockchain Team

Euichul LEE Patent Attorney

OhKims Blockchain Team

Sihyoung PARK Patent Attorney

OhKims Blockchain Team

Jay HONG PartnerㅣAdvisor

송진우 투자자문

OhKims Blockchain Team

Jinwoo SONG Investment Advisor

OhKims Blockchain Team

Minsoo KIMInvestment Advisor

OhKims Blockchain Team

Gunwoo PARK Doctor | Advisor

OhKims Blockchain Team

Joshua K.W.ChuSolicitor(Hong Kong)

OhKims Blockchain Team

Anna LauSolicitor(Hong Kong)


OhKims Law & Company

Provides the best legal advisory service in Korea, Tailored incorporation strategy for each projects, Collaborating with Medi & Law, the expert team on healthcare regulation.

Comprehensive Cryptocurrency Solution

From A to Z, we guide our clients through the entire ICO/STO process. We offer comprehensive legal, tax, and accounting services.

Global Legal Experts

Legal experts comprised of bi-lingual speakers, we provide full scale services for global legal projects.

Flexible Legal Fee Structure

We accept cryptocurrency as well as other methods of payments.

Core Advisory Areas

  • Establishment of Foreign corporation
    and Foreign Investment
  • Corporation Issues regarding M&A,
    Fair Trade Act, Labor Standards Act
  • Cross-border issues regarding Global Transaction Act, Customs Law etc.
  • Global Compliance
  • Investment Attraction and
    Investment Contract
  • Business Development
  • Patent and Trademark Application /
    Patent trial and litigation
  • Tax Issues

Global Partners

Hong Kong

Focused Industries

  • ICT
  • Medical & Healthcare
  • Oil & Gas
  • Consumer goods
  • Infrastructure

Legal Advisory Services


  • Incorporation for ICO/STO purposes in major cryptocurrency related jurisdictions including Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Cayman Islands, Belize, Serbia and others
  • Consultation on the best jurisdictions after review of Whitepaper and business model

STO License

  • Legal advisory on license related to Security Token Offering

Securities Law

  • Review on issues related to Korean Capital Market Act and other securities law

Contract Drafting and Review

  • Agreement drafting and review during the complete procedure of cryptocurrency investment stages including private sales, pre-sales, and public sales

Whitepaper Review

  • Review of the White Paper to ensure that it complies with prevailing legislation
  • Check whether the token or coin provided would be regarded as securities

Compliance Manual

  • Covering Door-to-Door Sales Act, Act on the Regulation of Conducting Fund-Raising Business Without Permission
  • AML(anti-money laundering) compliance, client due diligence requirements
  • Usually required by token exchanges and during the bank account opening process

Trademark and Patent

  • Local and foreign registration services on trademark and patent
  • Directly provided by OhKims Patent Office


  • Complex cryptocurrency related accounting service provided by OhKims Accounting Office


  • Advisory service on listing procedures with cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Optimized solution related to IEO (Initial Exchange Offering)

Cryptocurrency transaction

Escrow Service

  • Escrow service between cryptocurrency buyer and seller
  • Highly reliable transaction through OhKims Law & Company

Over The Counter Cryptocurrency transactions

  • Legal advisory service for OTC transactions in Korea or other jurisdictions


Tel 02-540-8060
Fax 02-540-8061
Address The 11th floor of the Seongdo Building, Dosan-daero 207, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Next to the Sunshine Hotel, HANA Bank is on the 11th floor of the building.
Google Map
On Car

Turn left at Sinsa Station intersection in the direction of Hannam Bridge and Go straight → Go straight at Eulji Hospital intersection → Make U-turn → Parking at Seongdo Building(Hana bank on the 1st floor) → 11th floor of the building

Turn right at Eulji Hospital intersection in the direction of Hakdong Station → Make U-turn → Parking at Seongdo building(Hana bank on the 1st floor) → 11th floor of the building

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If you leave your name(company name) and address,
we would offer you kind and helpful advice.

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